Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Beautiful Evening

As I write, I'm out on my back porch. It's screened in, and the little lamp behind me illuminates the area in front of me just enough so I can see what's there while also taking in the trees and the neighborhood.

The weather is absolutely perfect. My weather toolbar on my Firefox Browser tells me it's 74 degrees and partly cloudy. It feels like being inside in a climate controled environment. No wind at all.

So what about this experience compelled me to set aside a perfectly good book to take on a new post? I'm sitting here thinking of just how many places in this infinite universe of ours could a human being go and experience this perfect tranquility. We can travel the universe entire, and not find too many places as perfect as ours. The air out here isn't bottled by NASA and forced into a space suit. It's God air. And all I have to do is let my lungs do their thing. I don't need specialized protective clothing to experience the elements, I just sit back and relax and take in a perfect breeze.

One theory about the size of the universe is that it takes a universe as large as ours to create just the right environment for human life to take place at this particular spot in the universe. Cool.

Thank you God for putting us in just the right place in the heavens, just the right distance from the sun, with just the right tilt of the axis, with just the right gravitational pull coming from the moon. All may not be right with the world, or right with my life, or right in my spirit, but God's sure doing his job. I'm glad someone's got it together!


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